Windows Vista

Course Overview

The latest operating system from Microsoft – Windows Vista is a simple, fast and reliable platform for creating powerful gaming stations and multimedia centres, the Assistant Excellence in business large and small companies based on the PC, thanks to the unprecedented large number of versions of the OS, which can satisfy any needs.

Course Outline

Windows Vista

Installing and configuring the Windows Vista Operating System

  • Installing Windows Vista
  • Upgrading / Migrating to Windows Vista
  • Post-Installation Configuration
  • Sharing Data
  • Advanced Networking
  • User Account Control
  • Network Security
  • Internet Explorer 7

Configuring Windows Vista Mobile Computing and Applications

  • Configuring Media Applications In Windows Vista
  • Configuring Productivity Applications In Windows Vista
  • Configuring Mobile Computing
  • Connecting to Networks with Windows Vista
  • Maintaining and Optimizing Windows Vista

Maintaining and Troubleshooting Windows Vista Computers

  • Methodology, Data Collection, Action Plans & Remote Tools
  • Preboot, Dual Boot, BCD, Restoring & Disable Service
  • Hardware Problems, USB Devices, Managing Drivers & Bit Locker
  • Network Components, Network Map, Wired Network Issues & Troubleshooting
  • UAC Prompts, Firewalls, Defender Intro, & IE Dynamic Protection
  • Application Categories, File Directories, Application Tools & Troubleshooting Process Best Practices
  • Maintenance Tools, Disk Cleanup, Defrag Intro, Perf Mon Demo * Data Collectors

Supporting the Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System and Applications

  • Desktop Deployment Infrastructure
  • Deploying and Supporting Images
  • Installing Applications
  • Restoring and Validating User State
  • Troubleshooting Desktop and Application Installations