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What We Think About PMBOK© 6th Edition Exam

By November 7, 2017 8 Comments

Every few years PMP adjusts, changes and modifies its PMBOK© Guide as well as it’s certification exam. In 2018, the Sixth Edition will be released and you’ll want in on the updates! In this week’s vBlog, Ashley Hunt shares the inside scoop on all the changes to PMP©‘s newest guidebook and how students can better prep for the latest Exam. (scroll down for video)


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Project Management Professional Certification

Developed over the past 30 years, the PMBOK© is a collection and organization of knowledge on the project management profession. The Guide includes core elements of successful project management practices. It is regularly updated and internationally referenced as a standard and provides a basis for universal discourse on practices. Most modern academic and practical publications on the subject of project management reference the PMBOK©, adopt its methodology and incorporate its terminology. Because the profession of project management is constantly evolving based on changes in theories and ideas, the Guide is updated every few years. 2018 will provide users with the 6th Edition in updates to the practice.

What are the Changes?

In a nutshell, the PMI© made six essential changes users should be aware of in the new edition including Agile methodology. Based off of these modifications, users should be cautious of what the new exam will cover and how to better prep for it. Find a more detailed explanation of each of these adjustments and advised precautions in your exam studying here. 

6 Changes to the PMBOK Guide:

1. Agile Addition
2. 3 New Processes
3. Change of Names and Moving of Processes
4. PMs are no longer “Control” freaks!
5. Closing Procurement is closed out from PMBOK© Guide
6. Addition of Emerging Trends and Practices


PMBOK© 6th Edition Exam Info- What We Know

So you’re considering taking the Sixth Edition Exam. Here are some key dates, changes, and study advice from a StormWind instructor. Let Ashley Hunt give you the run-down on what’s happening in 2018 for PMP and the Exam.




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Transcript of this video:

Hey everyone, I’m Ashley Hunt, a senior project management instructor here at StormWind Studios and I have some news. Every time I have news, I’m gonna jump on here and make sure that you get the most up to date information. We know that the Project Management Body of Knowledge Sixth Edition© and the Agile Practice Guide© were released in early September. Any time there are big changes like that, there will also be changes to the exam, but at that point in time, all we had heard is Q1 2018. Well, there’s a couple months in there. We just got a change today for the changes for the exam and some more up to date information for those of you thinking about your PMP©, your ACP©, or your CAPM©. Here’s what we know.

We’ll start with the PMP© first, that’s always the biggie. We’ve gotten a date of March 26th, 2018. At that moment in time, the fifth edition exam is completely over and done with and the sixth edition will then take over. The exam content outline that’s currently posted at pmi.org may get a facelift, but not in the sense of processes changing or tools or techniques or a definitive difference. What might be updated is some terminology.

The PMP© exam is written by volunteers or the Project Management Institute©, and should they decide that some terminology changes are necessary to reflect their questions in the exam, well then, they’ll update them. But for the most part, the exam content outline is going to follow the best practices, the tools, techniques, and so on based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge Sixth Edition©, with the inclusion of Agile.

The Agile Practice Guide© was published the same day and is supposed to be a companion document so project managers have a well-rounded approach should they find themselves needing to tailor their projects or be a bit more agile. What that means for you is that the ACP© is also going to change on March 26th, 2018. But, it’s not going to be an exponential change. Scrum is still Scrum, XP is XP, but the Agile Practice Guide itself is really about, “Here I’m doing this and it’s not working. How do I tailor my projects a little bit better?”

I have no expectation that the actual content outline will change, or too much really will change. Some of the terminologies is going to be updated a little bit, term updates based on the Agile Practice Guide©, but nothing crazy. Nothing major changes. The only real major change based on all of this, for exam purposes anyway is the Certified Associate and Project Management, or the CAPM© exam.

It will also have a date change but, it will also have an update to the exam content outline. The CAPM© is completely and 100% focused on the Project Management Body of Knowledge©. Now that there’s been an update, there will also need to be an exam content outline update. Typically, PMI© only does that if there’s been a role delineation study that would be driving the day to day tasks that a project manager or an agile project manager might need to take on.

Because there wasn’t a role delineation study, just an update for the PMBOK© Guide and a companion document called the Agile Practice Guide©, there’s really no need to update content outlines. That’s what we know today. You definitely want to always check pmi.org for any updates. You can also go to stormwindstudios.com. As far as the exams and you’re like, “Which one should I take?” My best advice is to take the fifth edition now that you’ve got some breathing room and some additional time after the first of the year to study.

But, if you wanna jump into that sixth edition class, always check our live calendar. We’re going to be running both up until the point where I have to retire the fifth edition. Check out our live calendar on stormwindstudios.com, see when we’re running both classes, and then make a decision. What are your goals for the end of 2017, or going into 2018? It’s completely up to you, but always check the website for the most up to date information and of course, if I find out something new, I’ll jump on and give you the updates.
Hopefully, I’ll see you in class soon either for the fifth, the sixth, or the PMI©, ACP©, or the CAPM©. Until then guys.

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