Don’t miss out on all of these Epic Live courses!

We know you’re busy. You may not have noticed that your access to our Epic Live courses – the world’s best online IT training – is about to expire. And there are so many GREAT reasons to renew! We’d like to make you an incredible offer to keep your Epic Live access alive. Tell us what time to call below and we’ll reach out to tell you more.

Have you heard about our upcoming personalized coaching service?

Guided Learning is best thing to happen to you since you cracked open that Commodore 64 back in grade school – but you might miss out! If you stick around for Guided Learning, our coaches will reach out to engage you on core skills, encourage action, create a sense of accountability, and spark your desire for more knowledge. No floppy disks required.

What else can we say?

New courses are being added all the time. Guided Learning is coming soon to ALL of them. The new real-time reporting dashboard for managers is already here. Wait, you don’t know about the reporting dashboard? Say goodbye to spreadsheets. We’re happy to show you how My Team delivers real-time, visual insights on your team’s training progress, any time you need it. Unfortunately, if you let your access expires you’ll miss out on these awesome new features. Not to mention you’ll lose all your hard work and access to those awesome Epic Live training resources. It’s a cryin’ shame. Let us help.

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