Implementing IPv6 Connectivity

This online training course is a high level introduction to the IPv6 addressing model, basic configuration of IPv6 on Cisco devices, glimpse into message types with packet captures, and a brief overview of mobile IPv6. With the public IPv4 IP address space slowly depleting, IPv6 is being rolled out in large enterprise businesses, service providers, and mobile deployments.

Instructor: Desiree Lindfield, CCNA, CCNP R&S

Networking Course Demo


Skills Learned

  • IPv6 fundamentals
  • IPv6 dynamic routing protocols
  • IPv6 static routing
  • Utilization of Wireshark to identify ICMP message types
  • Mobile IPv6 basics

Who Should Attend This Course

This online training course is for technical support personnel, system engineers, network administrators and managers, and anyone else looking to gain knowledge about IPv6 and its benefits.


It is recommended that students have:

  • An understanding of network fundamentals
  • Experience implementing local area networks and Internet connectivity

Course Outline

  • Operation of IPv6 address fundamentals
  • Understanding of IPv6 dynamic routing protocols from a high level
  • Operation of IPv6 static routing on Cisco IOS
  • Identify ICMP message types using Wireshark
  • Introduce Mobile IPv6 and its similarities to IPv4
  • Review IPv6 security concepts

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