Windows Vista Business

Course Overview

Microsoft Windows Vista Business training walks you through basic and advanced features of the operating system. This course starts with basic navigation of the interface and progresses to cover advanced topics such as modifying system settings, user maintenance and security.

Course Outline

  • Microsoft Vista Basic  Exploring Windows Vista
  •  Customizing Windows Vista
  •  Using the Control Panel
  •  Working with Windows Explorer and Folders
  • Connecting to Networks Microsoft Vista Intermediate
  •  Working with Devices, Drivers and Printers”
  • Backing up and Restoring Files
  •  Configuring Security for Windows Vista
  • Configuring Internet Explorer 7
  •  Mobile Computing in Windows Vista
  •  Working on Networks Microsoft Vista Advanced
  •  Working Remotely
  •  System Performance
  •  Troubleshooting System Settings and Programs
  •  Managing Disks
  •  Security