Office For Mac 2008

Course Overview

Office for Mac 2008 offers productivity software on the Macintosh platform. Office 2008 lets you easily create high-impact documents and seamlessly share your ideas with others. This class will help you excel in the full suite of tools including Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Entourage and Messenger for Mac.

Course Outline

Entourage Basic

  • Introduction to Entourage
  • Working with Email
  • Managing Contacts
  • Creating and Editing Appointments
  • Using Notes in Entourage
  • Working with Tasks
  • The My Day Feature

Entourage Advanced

  • Sorting and Filtering Messages
  • Working with Contacts and Invitations
  • Using Links
  • Preferences and Spelling Tools
  •  Subscribing and Posting in Entourage
  • Working with Projects

Excel Basic

  • Exploring Excel
  • Working with Cells Rows and Columns
  • Using Formulas and Functions
  • Formatting Worksheet Data
  • Charts
  • Printing

Excel Advanced

  • Worksheet Editing Techniques
  • Using Excel Databases
  • Advanced Formulas and Functions
  • Protection
  • PivotTables
  • Importing and Exporting Data

PowerPoint Basic

  • Introduction to PowerPoint
  • Working with Slide Contents
  • Presentation Formatting
  • Customizing a Presentation
  • Presentation Tips

PowerPoint Advanced

  • Using PowerPoint with Other Office Applications
  • Additional PowerPoint Tools
  • Working with Projects
  • Customizing Presentations

Word Basic

  • Exploring Word
  • Creating New Documents
  • Formatting Text
  • Formatting Paragraphs
  • Using Graphics
  • Page Formatting

Word Advanced

  • Creating Tables
  • Charts
  • Using Styles
  • Working with Document Sections and Columns
  • Creating Headers and Footers
  • Large Document Formatting
  • Merging Documents
  • Document Sharing and Collaboration