Microsoft Outlook 2019

Course Overview

In this instructor-led, online training course, students will learn how to use Outlook to send, receive, and manage email messages, manage contact information, schedule appointments and meetings, create tasks and notes, and customize the Outlook interface.

Instructor: Ashley Hunt, MCAS, PMP

Skills Learned

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Create an appointment or event
  • Invite others to meetings
  • Use Quick Steps
  • Create tasks
  • Flag emails
  • Save attachments
  • Create inbox folders
  • Arrange email by date or by sender
  • Create new messages
  • Ignore conversations
  • Utilize sorting and filtering views

Who Should Attend This Course

Any current or future user of Outlook 2019 who is looking to better understand and utilize the application.

Course Outline

What’s New Outlook 2019?

  • New Features

Get organized:

  • Managing your time with Outlook 2019
  • Viewing messages by conversation
  • Ignoring a conversation
  • Using Mailbox Cleanup
  • Arranging email
  • Sorting and filtering views
  • Creating inbox folders
  • Customizing and using categories
  • Using a custom search folder
  • Creating Quick Steps and email rules
  • Using automatic replies
  • Searching for mail
  • Saving attachments
  • Creating new messages
  • Working with contacts in the People hub
  • Adding delegates to act on your behalf
  • Flagging email

Time Management:

  • Creating meetings, appointments or events
  • Inviting others to meetings
  • Creating recurring meetings
  • Setting calendar and task list options

Tasks and To-Do’s

  • Creating tasks and to-do items
  • Applying categories
  • Using built-in Quick Steps
  • Completing a task and sending an update
  • Creating tasks and notes
  • Backing up and moving Outlook data

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