Deploying Meraki Cloud Access Points

In this course, students will begin learning about cloud-managed wireless and be introduced to Meraki. Students will learn about Meraki wireless access point specifications, Meraki Power-Over-Ethernet expectations and introduced to the Meraki dashboard. When a student completes this online training course they will have the knowledge required to prepare the infrastructure, install Meraki access points, and how to use the Meraki IOS app.

Instructor: Dan Goodman

Cisco Course Demo

Skills Learned

  • Understand Meraki Access Point specifications
  • Direct management of Meraki APs
  • Wireless security options in Meraki
  • Access policies for WLANs in the Meraki dashboard
  • How to use the Meraki IOS app

Who Should Attend This Course

This course is designed for network engineers, network administrators, network managers, and system engineers. As well as WLAN designers, planners, implementers, and optimizers who are looking to utilize Meraki.


There are no prerequisites, but we suggest that students have previous experience with:

  • Access points
  • WLANs

Course Outline

  • Overview of cloud-managed wireless
  • Meraki cloud-based introduction
  • Meraki wireless access point specifications
  • Meraki Power-Over-Ethernet expectations
  • Direct Management of Meraki APs
  • Preparing the infrastructure for Meraki APs
  • Installing Meraki APs for the first time
  • Introduction to the Meraki Dashboard
  • Creating a new network
  • Adding SSIDs
  • Wireless security options in Meraki
  • Monitoring traffic patterns in the Meraki dashboard
  • Creating access policies for WLANs in the Meraki dashboard
  • Using the Meraki IOS app
  • Steps for incremental improvements to your Meraki installation