Cisco CCDA Design: Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN)

The instructor-led training course promotes Cisco solutions in designing and implementing scalable internetworks. Among specific goals is the promotion of the modular approach to network design. The early modular approaches to network design divided networks into access, distribution and core layers only, separately for the campus and the WAN module. The Enterprise Composite Model facilitates designing, planning, implementing, operating and optimizing (PDIOO) networks by concentration on a certain module and on relations between the modules. Taking into account that most network solutions today (e.g. voice, video, storage networking, content networking) are typically overlay solutions spanning several modules, the composite modular approach seems even more relevant and is the main focus of this course.

This online training course is preparation for the Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) exam.

Exam Number: 200-310 DESGN

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Instructor: Jeff Hardee

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Skills Learned

Upon completion of this Cisco Design training course, students will have the knowledge to:

  • Describe and apply network design methodologies
  • Describe and apply network design concepts of modularity and hierarchy
  • Design a resilient and scalable Campus network
  • Design a resilient and scalable connectivity between parts of your Enterprise network
  • Design connectivity to the Internet and internal routing for your network
  • Integrate collaboration and wireless infrastructure into your core network
  • Create scalable IPv4 and IPv6 addressing
  • Describe what software defined networks are and describe example solutions

Who Should Attend This Course

  • Individuals seeking the CCDA certification
  • Network engineers, system administrators, network designers, and IT managers wanting greater skill in network design


  • Familiarity with basic internetworking technologies such as LAN, WAN, bridging, switching, protocols, and network management
  • If attempting to attain the CCDA certification, the CCENT certification is required.

Course Outline

*Course Outline is subject to change

  • Course Introduction
  • Design Methodologies
  • Network Design Objectives
  • Campus Network
  • Enterprise Network Design
  • Design of Internal Routing and Connecting to the Internet
  • Expanding the Existing Network
  • IP Addressing Design

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