Professional Development Units (PDU)
March 18, 2019Like

The Lowdown on Professional Development Units (PDUs)

StormWind Studios instructor Ashley Hunt gives us the lowdown on post-cert professional development units (PDUs) and how you can earn them. Enjoy!Read More
Project Management Best Practices
March 14, 2019Like

Ashley Hunt: Tailoring Your Project Management

 In this quick clip, StormWind instructor AshleyHunt explains why it’s OK to “Frankenstein” your Project Management best practices.Read More
March 11, 20191

Subnetting in the Cloud

 In this vlog, StormWind instructor Raymond Lacoste explains how subnetting in the Cloud is different from subnetting in your on-prem data center. Enjoy!Read More
June 4, 2018Like

Disable the Windows Store to Sleep Better at Night

 The Windows Store is great if you want it, but often, it is seen as a liability. We IT control-freaks like to choose the software. Learn how Will Panek, author and StormWind Studios instructor, prunes this feature off.Read More
May 14, 2018Like

Setting up DNS on Server 2016 using PowerShell

If you’re looking to prepare DNS using PowerShell look no further. MVP Will Panek of StormWind Studios will show you how to accomplish this on Windows Server 2016. Use this video if you don’t have the GUI, or if you need to brush up on your PowerShell skills.Read More

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