Disable the Windows Store to Sleep Better at Night (6/4/2018) by Tom Warrick -  The Windows Store is great if you want it, but often, it is seen as a liability. We IT control-freaks like to choose the software. Learn how Will Panek, author and StormWind Studios instructor, prunes this feature off.
Setting up DNS on Server 2016 using PowerShell (5/14/2018) by Tom Warrick - If you are looking to prepare DNS using PowerShell look no further. MVP Will Panek of StormWind Studios will show you how to accomplish this on Windows Server 2016. Use this video if you don't have the GUI, or if you need to brush up on your PowerShell skills.
Configuring a DHCP Server on Windows Server 2016 (5/10/2018) by Admin - If you are looking to prepare DNS using PowerShell look no further. MVP Will Panek of StormWind Studios will show you how to accomplish this on Windows Server 2016. Use this video if you don't have the GUI, or if you need to brush up on your PowerShell skills.
StormWind Case Study (2/21/2018) by Admin -
man in green sweater on ipad wood desk StormWind Case Study (2/21/2018) by Admin -
3 Most Impactful Differences Between Waterfall and Agile Methodology Transcript (2/12/2018) by Admin - When we take a look at the three most impactful differences, let's start first with, "What is Waterfall?" If you've got your PMP certification or your Certified Associate in Project Management, or even if you're working on longer term projects, chances are you've utilized some of Waterfall best practices. What is Waterfall? It's a sequential process flow. Now, what that means in English is basically we are planning in advance; much like a waterfall falls from top to bottom, we are taking a look at different processes. We initiate, then we plan, then we execute, and then we monitor and Read More
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man pointing 4 AWS Vulnerabilities (11/27/2017) by Raymond Lacoste -
guy waiving 3 Flavors of Wireless Access Points (11/22/2017) by Dan Goodman -
why use amazon rds 5 Reasons to Switch to Amazon RDS (11/14/2017) by Raymond Lacoste - Is the "Do it Yourself" approach to your current database taking up too much of your time? Are you thinking that it may be time to upgrade your 7-year-old MySQL hardware? Amazon RDS has your solution! In this week's vBlog, Raymond Lacoste provides 5 considerations to make the switch to Amazon Web Services Relational Database Service. (scroll down for video) Amazon RDS: the Basics Amazon Web Services states that, "Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is a web service that makes it easier to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. It provides cost-efficient, resizable capacity Read More
5 Things you should know about meraki security appliances 5 Things You Should Know About Meraki Security Appliances (11/1/2017) by Raymond Lacoste - We love Meraki products, easy to set up, easy to troubleshoot, easy to monitor, easy to maintain. Even though they are easy, you can still get tripped up.In this week's vBlog, Raymond Lacoste, shares five things to have a much better, easier Meraki Security Appliance deployment experience.     But first, why use Meraki to begin with?  (If you are already convinced to deploy Meraki Security devices, feel free to scroll down to the video and ignore this next part.) Compared to other options, Meraki (and cloud-managed IT as whole) is praised for being easy to set-up, configure, and manage Read More
Day #5 of our Network Defender Challenge (10/27/2017) by Admin - It's the final day of the challenge and we are already getting some fantastic feedback from participants about when we will be running this event again! We are hoping very soon with some additional challenges and videos from Mike Vasquez. Big thank you to all of our participants and a reminder to them to finish ALL their tasks by Midnight TONIGHT to be entered to win prizes! Here's some of their feedback about the event: "The time it took to complete each challenge was appropriate. It did not take a long time to quickly see results and how we could Read More
Day #4 Day #4 of our Network Defender Challenge (10/26/2017) by Admin -   Thank you so much for all the feedback and response to our 5-Day Challenge! We are in the thick of day 4 for Admins and Managers! Missed you this time? We'd love to have you participate next time for more chances to win prizes and to become a StormWind Network Defender!  http://ow.ly/tGtH30g4XSy For those in the challenge or thinking of joining it next time, here is Mike Vasquez with Day 4 of StormWind's Network Defender 5-Day Challenge.   &nbsp Join our Network Defender 5-Day Challenge to: - Perform reconnaissance on your own network - Learn to think like a hacker Read More
Welcome to Day #3 Vulnerability Management + Day #3 of our Network Defender Challenge (10/25/2017) by Admin -   As serendipity would have it, one of the hottest questions on Spiceworks today is "What is a good vulnerability network scanning software?" This coincides nicely with the 3rd Day of our Network Defender Challenge that has Admins running vulnerability scans and Managers analyzing vulnerability policies. There a quite a few options out there for paid or free software that scans for missing patches or outdated components. This is something we are passionate about, so much so we dedicated a full QuickCast about it. For current participants in the challenge, what did you think of the third task? Anything you found interesting in Read More
Welcome to Day #2 From the Mind of a Hacker + Day #2 of our Network Defender Challenge (10/24/2017) by Mike Vasquez - This week the Economic Times ran a fascinating editorial about the mind and behaviors of a hacker referred to as Alok. He has three years experience with a hacker collective on the dark web. He's secretly wealthy due to the theft and fraud he's committed as a hacking foot soldier that he can't share with those close to him. The reason he cites for becoming a black hat hacker is validation and a need for the thrill and power that comes from it. Finding a vulnerability and figuring out a way to exploit it, gives this hacker his need for Read More
Welcome to Day #1 This Week in Hacker News + Day #1 of our Network Defender Challenge (10/23/2017) by Mike Vasquez - We're excited to have all of our Admins and Managers participating in today's Challenge! Today's task involves thinking and performing reconnaissance like a hacker. For current participants in the challenge, what did you think of the first task? Was this something you'd thought of before? Missed you this time? We'd love to have you participate next time for more chances to win prizes and to become a StormWind Network Defender!  http://ow.ly/tGtH30g4XSy For those in the challenge or thinking of joining it next time, here is Mike Vasquez with Day 1 of StormWind's Network Defender 5-Day Challenge.     Don't think you Read More
Dan Goodman on Linux Cybersecurity Cybersecurity with a Linux Operating System: What You Need to Know (10/11/2017) by Dan Goodman -  While most people have heard of the Equifax breach, most people out of the IT community don't realize it was due to an unsecured open-sourced system. While 99% of cybersecurity hacks occur on Windows operating system, that doesn't stop hackers from taking any opportunity to break into a system. How does cybersecurity work with an open-sourced operating system?   That's what Dan Goodman, Senior Technical instructor, discusses in this week's vBlog. Tune in to see how to protect your systems when using Linux:   Transcript from the Linux vBlog video: Hey there, folks. Welcome to our video blog on Security Read More
Network Security 30-Minutes to a Less Vulnerable Network: How to Start or Improve Your Vulnerability Management Program (10/4/2017) by Mike Vasquez - By reading this blog post, you’ve been invited to StormWind Studio’s upcoming QuickCast: 30-minutes to a Less Vulnerable Network with Mike Vasquez. This QuickCast is exclusive to IT professionals.Vulnerability management is an essential element of creating a secure networking environment.  Join Mike Vasquez, Senior Technical Instructor at StormWind Studios, as we discuss vulnerability management and tools for companies of all sizes. Learn how to make your system less vulnerable and more secure with this short QuickCast. In typical StormWind fashion, we skip the boring 1-hour PowerPoint webcast and give you an Epic Live, action-packed session in 30-minutes or less. We Read More
Network Security Network Security Breaches: Your Employees Are Lazy (10/3/2017) by Admin - Network security password guidelines IT professionals have relied on for years are just plain wrong. You heard us: WRONG! Creating strong, complicated passwords and changing them frequently doesn't protect organizations against cybersecurity breaches. This practice makes it easier for computers to hack and harder for humans to remember. If your users use irregular capitalization, special characters, and at least one numeral when creating passwords, you have a problem with end-user security. If your users are mandated to change their "strong" passwords every 90 days, you gotta bigger cybersecurity problem. Don't just take it from us, this is according to the Read More
Raymond Lacoste on AWS Cost Savings 6 Tips to Save Your Organization Money with AWS (9/27/2017) by Raymond Lacoste - Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's largest, most robust cloud computing platform with over 70 offerings, a million of customers, $10 billion in annual revenue, and 40% of the cloud computing market share. AWS operates in 44 availability zones, 16 geographic regions, and serves customers like Reddit and Dropbox. While all the tech stats are exciting for IT, the cost savings that can come from using AWS correctly. On average, using AWS cloud computing instead of on-premise solutions reduced the cost of computing by 30%, "storage by an average of 51%, and relational databases by an average of 28%." Read More
VMWorld Through the Eyes of an Instructor Everything You May Have Missed at VMWorld 2017 from a VMware Certified Instructor (9/19/2017) by Vince Rightley - VMworld 2017 was a few weeks ago, but we got the opportunity to catch up with Vince Rightley, Senior Certified VMware instructor, about his experience at the event. A little background on Vince. He has over 30 years of experience in IT and almost 10 years experience as a Certified VMware Instructor. To say he's a VMware expert is an understatement. To say he's a VMware master guru is getting closer. After attending VMworld for his Nth time, we got the low-down on the big news and insider secrets from VMworld 2017. Watch Vince Rightley's video recap of his time Read More
Using Cisco Conference Now Functionality for Your Company (9/15/2017) by Ralph Smith - Did you know Americans hold about 11 million meetings per day and of those, 85% of all meetings require remote attendees to join digitally? This is one of the reasons why it's so important for admins to understand the ins and outs of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, also known as CUCM or Call Manager. Understanding changes to this system may or may not be covered in future exams. However, this is one of those real-world topics that we make sure to cover to make your work life easier. Most IT pros have worked with or heard of the Meet Read More
Just for Fun: Pennywise the Accidental IT Admin (9/15/2017) by Admin - Being in IT can be terrifying. From security issues to demanding users, it's all in a day's work for admins. Now, what do you do when you have a company of monsters? Literally, live in the sewer monsters. The Late Late Show with James Corden shows what happens when a user mistakenly calls IT instead of I.T. And it's exactly the thing that will start your weekend off right. Happy early Halloween!
Ashley Hunt's Review of the PMBOK 6 PMP Book Review: PMBOK© 6th Edition and Agile Practice Guide© (9/8/2017) by Ashley Hunt - Ashley Hunt, Senior StormWind Studios PMP© instructor, received her shiny, new PMBOK© 6th Edition and Agile Practice Guide in the mail and she's got A LOT to tell our fans. As we've been announcing this is the first change in the PMBOK© since 2012, and will affect PMP© earners from here-on-out! The new edition was released yesterday after much anticipation from the PMP community. Here are three key takeaways from Ashley's newest vBlog: Agile is joining the PMP© family with its very own Agile Practice Guide© The exams for PMP© and CAPM© are changing starting the beginning of 2018. We will Read More
How to Protect Your System Against Internal and External Threats (9/6/2017) by Doug Bassett - "This [course] is going to harden our system, because one of the big problems that we run into, is any time that we're looking at threats, we forget the number one threat to our company, which is internal employees." With the average cost of a data breach in 2016 was $3.62 million according to an IBM study, cybersecurity should be front-and-center for IT professionals of any size company. And few things are as frustrating as realizing your biggest, most unpredictable security threat is on your payroll. Insider threats are insidious and notoriously difficult to monitor, track, and target. Internal employees and Read More
PMBOK 6© Release: Here’s How This Will Affect You (8/29/2017) by Ashley Hunt - We are on the final countdown until the new PMBOK© 6 Guide is released. September 6th, 2017 is coming fast and our fireworks are on back order. Bummer. As everyone in the project management industry gears up, many students are left wondering where this announcement leaves them. How does the PMBOK© 6 change affect me? What if I'm planning to take my PMP© exam in the next few months? How does the PMBOK© 6 affect current PMs? No stress, we have the answers! If you are... A little unsure what PMP©, PMBOK© 6, or CAPM© mean: check out our recent Read More
it training for veterans Press Release: Change in GI Bill Will Lead to More Opportunities for Veterans (8/26/2017) by Admin - On August 25th, 2017, StormWind Studios was quoted in a leading higher education publication regarding the implications of signed changes to the GI Bill. The Inside Higher Ed published a piece that discussed the current barriers to employment for veterans and how the new "Forever" GI Bill will address these challenges. This new bill was signed into a law by President Trump last week and seeks "to help veterans hone or develop their technology skills to land jobs in a growth industry." While the main goal of this bill is to provide more funding to cover college tuition and fees Read More
VMware Expert - Vince Rightley An Expert Interview about vSphere 6.5 (8/23/2017) by Vince Rightley - At the beginning of this month, VMware announced a new resource center to help users with the vSphere 6.5 upgrade. They call it "vSphere Central" and we call it cool-new-free toys to play with! VMware is providing all this content to help users better understand what vSphere is, what it can do, and how to upgrade from version 5.5 or 6. The first tool to be released is called the "vSphere 6.5 Topology and Upgrade Planning Tool." This tool is "focused on the most common upgrade paths and deployments of vCenter Server 6.5." So far, the UX is simple and Read More
Wireless Access Points The Latest Uses of Wireless Access Points: Life-Saving or Home Decorating? (8/15/2017) by Dan Goodman - Wireless access points are the bread and butter for most IT department, but these latest use cases are anything but. While most people use their WPA to access cat videos without an ethernet cable, Schlegel Villages is using them to save lives. This long-term care and retirement community management company is building a network of over 1,500 APs, 16 controllers, and 50 switches. These access points will "support the connection of objects such as security cameras, nurse call systems,lost equipment, and HVAC systems... that will assist in saving lives." By using the IoT and WPAs together, they will be able to better Read More
PMBOK 6 PMBOK© Guide 6th Edition Release Date Announced – 6 Things You Need to Know (8/12/2017) by Ashley Hunt - As of today, the newest Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide© (PMBOK© Guide 6) will be released on September 6th, 2017. This is breaking news in the PM and IT industry since these the last edition was released in 2012 and any changes will affect 2018 students looking to take their PMP© certification. According to the Project Management Institute, "The PMBOK© Guide reflects evolving knowledge within the profession and is the leading global standard for project management. It addresses the processes that project management experts agree are necessary for most projects in most environments." Ashley Hunt, Senior Project Management Instructor at Read More
Wireless Access Points -vBlog How to Choose Between Autonomous Access Points and Lightweight Access Points (8/8/2017) by Dan Goodman - A new emergent tech trend is about to hit that will affect how consumer Wi-Fi APs are managed. Within the next year, millions of consumers could have multiple access points in their home. Considering most consumers have an ongoing battle with one router, this is a change from the norm. This trend began in January when Comcast announced that it would provide its 15M customers access to software that would “allow both the consumer and a remote help desk to control how Wi-Fi is operating.” Then, Comcast bought the cloud-based Wi-Fi company Plume, “the world’s first self-optimizing WiFi.” Plume’s technology Read More
Using NSLookUp to see what's really going on with DNS Using NSLookUp to See What’s Really Going on With DNS (8/1/2017) by Doug Bassett - If you're just getting started with IT operations, DNS and NSLookUp should be your best friend. DNS so that you can use the internet and NSLookup so you can fix whatever is broken with your internet connection. That's why in one of our recent classes, we discussed how to use NSLookUp to get a clearer picture to diagnose your DNS. (This week's vBlog was recorded out of the studio.)   DNS has a long history of helping people use words instead of strings of numbers to navigate the internet. Understanding how to administer and navigate the DNS System, and properly use the Read More
Snippet - Increasing Organizational Innovation with Agile How to Use Agile Methodology to Maximize Your Team’s Productivity (7/24/2017) by Ashley Hunt - A few weeks ago, I delivered a webcast all about how Agile methodology and PM is changing IT for the better. This is something I'm passionate about and teach in my Agile courses. A big thank you to our attendees for your feedback on this event! The comments have been so encouraging and overwhelming from attendees that we've decided to share this recording with our blog subscribers! Here are a few of the comments from the webcast: "Ashley was fantastic. I could have listened to her all day, I have never experienced someone so passionate." "Much more substance than I Read More
What to Do When You Get Too Delete-Happy as a Systems Administrator (7/18/2017) by Doug Bassett - Everyone has an "Oh No" moment while cleaning files and deleting things without a back-up. But what do you do when it happens to you? We've all been there. It's mid-morning and you're already checking the clock every 27 seconds to see if its 5 pm yet. You're having a day like this in the IT department: You're bored. You're hungry. Or you're just hungry because you're bored. Regardless, it's a blah day. You're cleaning out some old files and user accounts while day-dreaming of anything other than work. Then, you mindlessly delete a user account instead of disabling it. Read More
Are You Doing Risk Assessments As Often As You Should- Probably Not. Are You Doing Risk Assessments As Often As You Should? Probably Not. (7/14/2017) by Mike Vasquez - Over 14 Million Verizon customer records were left exposed due to poor security checks. For weeks, customer names, account information, and cell phone numbers were left unsecured on an Amazon server. The server was controlled by Nice Systems, an Israeli technology company, which has 85 of the Fortune 100 as customers. Anyone who knew where to look could have downloaded them without any problems. Verizon has assured customers that the "overwhelming majority of information in the data set has no external value" and that there was no indication that the data was compromised. While your information may not be housed on an unsecured Read More
Why Your .NET Installation for Windows 2016 Failed Why Your .NET Framework Installation for Windows Server 2016 Failed (7/6/2017) by Doug Bassett - Trying to install the .NET Framework for your Windows Server and it keeps failing? Doug Bassett has a solution for you! This is a common problem with a lot of discussion forums dedicated to solving each instance. Countless solutions for a variety of problems and frankly, ain't nobody got time fo' that. Don't spend your day Googling, watch the tutorial below. But first, why would you need to install the .NET Framework to begin with? Although some Microsoft Windows products come with the .NET Framework installed by default, sometimes you'll encounter an error message when downloading software on a new device. Any Read More
3 Critical Steps to Stop Petya Ransomware 3 Critical Steps to Stop Ransomware Like WannaCry and Petya Today (6/27/2017) by Doug Bassett - We are under attack. As news breaks around the world about Petya, the newest ransomware attack, we've put together a 3-minute video to arm IT professionals against it. Doug Bassett, StormWind's Senior Technical Instructor, has outlined 3 steps to make sure your systems can be protected from cybersecurity threats like this.   As of this morning, Petya ransomware has attacked companies throughout Europe. Airports, government departments, and banks in these areas have been affected. But it doesn't stop there, Merck, a pharmaceutical giant in the United States, has been shut down due to the Petya ransomware. Over 2,000 organizations have Read More
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Location services best practices 3 steps to consider for your location services settings. (10/25/2016) by Will Panek- Lead Microsoft Instructor|Microsoft MVP|Sybex Author -
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Why you can’t live without them Scrum Boards! (7/29/2016) by Ashley Hunt - Creating a visual board of work to be done, work in progress and work that is "done" is one of the best ways to keep track of productivity and work together as a team. Scrum boards are one way to visually represent work and can help your projects and sprints be much more successful. Not only are they awesome, they are effective too!
Beyond the Books with StormWind Studios (6/14/2016) by Admin - Take a quick look at the latest beyond the books video release. You'll hear from StormWind's Elite Instructors who live and breathe the IT in their respected fields. Using Azure As A DAG Witness Server- Doug Bassett MSCE|MCT|CCSI See our full Microsoft Course Listing! How to fill out your PMP Application- Ashley Hunt PMP|MCAS See our full Project-Management Course Listing! One of the Best Ways to Study for a Red Hat|Linux Exam- Dan Goodman Looking for IT training? See how StormWind Studios live, on-demand HD classes have revolutionized IT training.
How Communication Influences Project Management (6/8/2016) by Ashley Hunt -   This snippet from a live Project Management class focuses on communication styles and how important they are in crafting a communication and stakeholder strategy on your projects.
Beyond the Books with StormWind Studios (6/7/2016) by Admin - Take a quick look at the latest beyond the books video release. You'll hear from StormWind's Elite Instructors who live and breathe the IT in their respected fields. Stay tuned for more exclusive video releases coming soon! Free XML Feed Trick- Ralph Smith CCNP|CCSI Windows 10 Security Tip- William Panek MCSE|SYBEX Author| Microsoft MVP Keeping it simple with Vsphere- Vince Rightley VCP|VCI Looking for IT training? See how StormWind Studios live, on-demand HD classes have revolutionized IT training.
Is Your PMIS Controlling You Or Are You Controlling It? (6/2/2016) by Ashley Hunt - MS Project is the typical software for project management information systems everywhere. This blog is about the downside and upside of Project 2016 with a top 10 list of things to be aware of while managing your projects in the real world.
IT Salary Survey 2016 (6/1/2016) by Admin -
Issues in multiple deployments Issues in Multiple Deployments (5/25/2016) by Admin - Having issues within multiple deployments? Learning from a live instructor, online has never been more affordable and effortless. Here's a quick snapshot from a live class with Sr. Instructor: Ralph Smith. Enjoy! Looking for training? Take a look at some of our Live, HD course demos!
Common Switch Characteristics Common Switch Characteristics (5/24/2016) by Admin - Sometimes these "common" switch characteristics aren't necessarily so common. Here's a quick overview of some of those characteristics with Cisco guru, Desiree Lindfield. Enjoy! Looking for training? Take a look at some of our Live, HD course demos!
What Files Make Up A Virtual Machine? (5/23/2016) by Admin - Here's a short clip from our live VMware course with Elite Instructor Vince Rightley about what files make up a virtual machine.
How to Use ACL’s to Manage Traffic (5/17/2016) by Admin - A brief clip from a StormWind Studios ICND1 Class touching on how to use ACL's to manage traffic.
Why A Fishbone Diagram Can Help Solve Risk And Quality Problems (5/12/2016) by Ashley Hunt - The power of brainstorming and visually representing risks or quality issues can help determine root causes. Once the causes are identified you can then implement the best solutions to fix the issues. Using a fishbone diagram is one way to really "see" the issues and work toward a solution.
The Differences Between The PM Plan and Project Documents (5/10/2016) by Ashley Hunt - What is the difference between the Integrated Project Management Plan and all of the other documents created in planning? This short blog will go through those difference to help you identify which is which to answer exam questions on your PMP® or Project + Exams.
StormWind Studios What is failover cluster validation reporting? (5/6/2016) by Admin - Here's a quick look into Failover Cluster Reporting with Elite instructor Will Panek. We're always trying to provide quick resources here and on our YouTube channel. Follow us for the latest tips and tricks that aren't in your books! Ps. If you haven't seen our Epic Live classes yet here's your chance!
StormWind Studios How To Fix Network Quality Issues (4/29/2016) by Admin - Ever have a some network quality issues? Watch this quick video brought to you by one our Elite Cisco instructors: Ralph Smith. We're always trying to provide quick resources here and on our YouTube channel. Follow us for the latest tips and tricks that aren't in your books!
5 Certs That Won’t Become Obsolete (4/27/2016) by Admin -
[WEBINAR] The Advantages of Project Management (4/22/2016) by Admin - In this Spiceworks sponsored webinar you'll hear from thought leader and industry authority, Ashley Hunt on why Project Management is one of the most important certifications today. Ashley has over 35 years of experience teaching and speaking on project management and offers a wealth of knowledge about career path and certification advantages, along with debunking myths about this profession. Enjoy! See what a live StormWind Studios class looks like and receive exclusive an exclusive webinar discount on training.
2016 IT Pedictions Will These 2016 IT Predictions Hold True? (4/7/2016) by Admin -     P.S. Have you seen the new StormWind IT Villains T-Shirt?  It comes with tuition credits!
5 Stupid Security Habits You Need To Change Now (4/4/2016) by Admin - 1. One Universal Password Every year the reports are out listing the worst passwords recorded for the year and with zero surprise, “123456” and “password” are the front- runners. Having one single password for every account possible can be an open invitation to those hackers who are looking to crash a party. Solution: Password managers will generate random and secure passwords. The best part is that you only need one password to remember to retrieve all of them! That simple. 2. Trusting and Clicking Links and Attachments Attacker’s these days are craftier and more cunning than ever before. Their messages Read More
Those Old-School Computer Viruses You Thought You’d Never See Again (2/18/2016) by Admin - If you've seen any of these this week, it's time to upgrade your firewall. 1. Q Walker Sends This Guy Walking Across Your Screen 2. The Delyrium Virus That Makes You Take Cover!! 3. The LSD Virus… You can imagine what that does. 4. Flame Virus: No your computer doesn’t actually catch on fire! 5. Kuku 6. Hymn Maybe you remember these “threats”, maybe you don’t. Hopefully the memories that were brought up can make you laugh at this point, and trust that your network is out of harm’s way. Are you a cyber savant? Take this fun cybersecurity quiz Read More
25 Most Hacked Passwords From 2015 (1/28/2016) by Admin - Based on a report of 2 million leaked passwords in 2015, a company found a unique trend a little quicker than most online users would like to know. If you’re like most, you keep adding numbers and letters until the password meter no longer insults you with “very weak” or “weak”. Very strong is what you should be looking for, however, that doesn’t just mean length. Randomization is one of the most important tactics to a strong password. So, take a moment and skim through this list of 25 passwords and make sure yours isn't on it! The top five Read More
Why Project Managers Are In High Demand in 2016 (1/11/2016) by Admin - Video Runtime: 7 minutes 22 seconds Video Summary: The Project Management Profession is growing and has been for the past six years with no signs of stopping any time soon. This blog reviews why the industry needs certified Project Managers and how to pursue or maintain your certification in 2016. What is your New Year's resolution?
6 Ways Your Wi-Fi Can Become Your Biggest Threat (12/1/2015) by Admin - 1. Using Free Hotspots Hotspots are everywhere and will double over the next two years. Unfortunately, the heavy majority aren’t necessarily ones you’d give your hide-a-key to.  Many of these are created to obtain your email and login information and then eventually your sensitive accounts.  The best defense against these hackers known as “sniffers” is to use a VPN (virtual private network). Basically, a VPN keeps your private information safe in the encrypted vault you created. Lock it up! 2. Online Banking Warning: This might shock you... More than 100 banks worldwide have lost $900 million from cyberhacking. You can Read More
5 Reasons CIOs Are Changing Their Minds About Cybersecurity (11/23/2015) by Admin - 1. Enterprise-Wide Risk Cyberattacks, data breaches, and other significant events don’t just effect the unit, team, or department. They affect the entire enterprise. It is imperative that the decision makers at the top on down to influencers below engage in such matters. Is it time to mitigate these threats before it’s too late? 2. Lawsuits and Compliance Sure, both of these vary among geographic regions, state to state, and business to business, but when there is an absence of communication and knowledge, what slips through the cracks can be fatal. When there is disconnect between your security teams and your Read More
The Top 4 Paying Tech Jobs For 2016 (11/19/2015) by Admin -
5 Simply Magical Cisco IOS Tricks (11/12/2015) by Admin - When it comes to Cisco Routing in Cisco IOS there are multiple ways to get things done quickly. Here are just five of them that could make your life easier. Then again, you've probably already figured this out on your own. So we'll keep it to just five. If you have more don't be shy. Share the wealth! 1. ‘do’ in config mode This is one of the most time saving ones that few people seem to know about. Start using it right now! Basically, it lets you run exec commands in a global configuration mode. 2. Include, exclude and Read More
The IT Jobs That Should Expect A Raise In 2016 (11/4/2015) by Admin - We were really excited to receive Robert Half Technology's 2016 Salary Guide, as the industry is still in an upswing. Find out what positions should expect a raise in the upcoming year. Can't find your job below? Training for the next level is the quickest way to achieve your career goals! Position 2015 Salary Range 2016 Salary Range Percent Increase Wireless Network Engineer $99,000-$137,500 $108,750-$150,750 9.70% Big Data Engineer $119,250-$168,250 $129,500-$183,500 8.90% Data Scientist $103,000-$138,250 $109,000-$153,750 8.90% Mobile Application Developer $107,500-$161,500 $115,250-$175,750 8.20% Data Security Analyst $106,250-$149,000 $113,500-$160,000 7.10% Chief Security Officer $134,250-$204,750 $140,250-$222,500 7.00% Developer/Programmer Analyst $74,250-$129,000 $80,000-$137,000 6.80% Read More
The 8 Windows 10 Shortcuts You Didn’t Know You Needed (10/26/2015) by Admin - 1. Create or Close Virtual Desktops Keyboard Shortcut: Windows + Ctrl + D (to create virtual desktop), Windows + Ctrl + F4 (to close them) Alas.  Windows 10 finally brings the virtual desktop into the picture. Way back when the Mac OS X Leopard was used they allowed for multiple desktops to let you expand your environment beyond the single frame within your machine. This allows you to segregate your tasks or group of tasks to their own desktops and the option to switch easily back and forth. You didn’t realize you had a backyard, a storage room, and an Read More
7 Best IT Certifications for 2016 (10/13/2015) by Admin - 1. Certified Ethical Hacking Let’s be honest. Either you know you’ve been hacked right away, or you find out from the ransom note the hacker left you. Security breaches are seen in the news almost daily now, and with the help of the Version 9 Certified Ethical Hacker you’ll think like a hacker and start building a defense against those costly attacks. Get started with Certified Ethical Hacker here. 2. CISSP and CASP Your information is sensitive. Those assets are only protected on the strengths of the professional in charge, so how can you be certain? Training for the CISSP Read More
5 Reasons IT Certifications Are Absolutely Worth It (10/6/2015) by Admin - It pains most people to start looking at furthering their education. Demanding jobs, families, and life in general all stand as a huge barrier of entry. Training has changed. The industry changes faster. Here’s a list of reasons why you can’t afford not to get that learning and certification train moving. 1. IT Theory vs. IT Practice I’m sure you’ve heard this tossed around a number of times. “That guy is just book smart” You get the picture. It’s one thing to know the content required to ace your test, but if you can’t apply knowledge on the job it's Read More
The Most Expensive PCs in Computer History (9/21/2015) by Admin - If you've found yourself complaining, or slightly perturbed when it comes to your next computer purchase and or update, stop right now. Have a kool-aid and think about when the cost of your device was on par with your college tuition. Here’s a glimpse into the emptied wallet of a baby-boomer who wanted to journey into personal computing. The Programa 101 (1965) At first glance it is nothing more than a typewriter and to some degree yes it was. This Programa could add, subtract, multiply and divide and if that wasn’t enough for its time, it could load and record Read More
5 Ways IT Pros Can Relate To Football (9/13/2015) by Admin - 1. Occasionally there is no explanation to why something worked. We’ve all been there. Whether it was a crazy play call that resulted in a last second score for the win, or perhaps you accidentally stumbled across the solution to your network enigma. It usually results in the same astonished expression Doc had when his DeLorean was a success. 2. The taste of sweet sweet victory. Like clockwork, every other day at 1:15PM someone manages to crash their computer without properly backing up their files. Because you’re awesome at what you do, you find the files and reboot their device Read More
Behind The Screens: The History Of 10 Common Computer Messages (9/1/2015) by Admin - As of late, Microsoft’s former CEO Steve Ballmer allowed the public to take a deeper look behind the scenes to learn about one of his most notorious blue screen messages. It is one of the many messages that has been accustomed to haunting us in the digital age through various symbols and sounds. Here are 10 interesting stories on the computer messages we've grown to love (and hate). 1. The CTL+ALT+DEL Blue Screen Those of you who used Windows 3.1 Enhanced mode (on 386s) once upon-a-time could run multiple DOS applications at the same time. If there seemed to be Read More
8 Famous Software Bugs In Space (8/25/2015) by Admin - When hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake, not to mention human lives on the line, every single line of code needs to be perfect to the last byte. Despite having (seemingly) the best programmers in the world and endless billable hours of QA, here are 8 famous software bugs that ruined enormous missions to space. 1. Mariner 1 - 1962 The Mariner 1 was launched from Cape Canaveral with high hopes on July 22, 1962. The actual launch went as expected, but little did the engineers know that a fatal bug was lurking in the software. An overbar, Read More
The 8 Most In-Demand Security Certifications Right Now (7/25/2015) by Admin - 1. Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP/CISSP) The cert, built with help from the U.S. National Security Agency, has increased in market value of about 36.4 percent over Q4 2014. Get started with yours here. 2. EC-Council Licensed Penetration Tester The EC-Council certification teaches information security professionals to conduct real life penetration tests by utilizing EC-Council's published penetration testing methodology. Expect Intrusion Detection, Policy Creation, Social Engineering, DDoS Attacks, Buffer Overflows and Virus Creation lab environments. Explore an EC-Council certification here. 3. GIAC Certified Penetration Tester With a 28.6 percent market value percent change, GPEN certification puts you in the Read More
The Current State Of The IT Industry (7/7/2015) by Admin - How do tech workers feel about their careers? Computerworld's 29th annual IT Salary survey found the answer to this question and many more. We've brought you the highlights so you can compare your vision with that of 4,800 IT professionals. More people are getting raises and compensation spiked heavily this year. It's been a few years in the making, but this year salaries made a nice jump. Plus, depending on your metropolitan area, respondents were seeing bonuses upwards of 15%. 2012 2013 2014 2015 Received a raise in the past year 47% 57% 60% 46% Average increase in total compensation Read More
The Top 5 Announcements From Apple WWDC (6/12/2015) by Admin - If you're like us, you didn't get a chance to fly to SF and take part in WWDC this year. Well...here's a quick roundup of what we all missed. 1. Apple Music The highly anticipated Apple Music has all the necessary features, such as streaming your favorite artists, watching music videos and exclusive clips in HD, and listening to curated playlists. The feature "Connect" allows unsigned artists to upload and promote their music as well. 2. OS X El Capitan OS X 10.11, otherwise known as El Capitan, tweaks the OS X experience and improves performance via "Metal". Also, Spotlight allows for Read More
The Most Popular IT Certifications and Their Salaries (6/2/2015) by Admin - It's a simple fact that when IT techs, system admins, and even managers are looking for a pay boost, certifications are the way to play. The 2015 Salary Guide showcases the most popular certification paths as well as their salary jumps. Get your June started right with a vision of your true potential. Certification Mean Salary Median Salary CompTIA $73,963 $72,000 Microsoft $83,440 $80,027 Security $94,004 $90,000 Cisco $82,243 $79,017 ITIL and ITSM $95,150 $90,006 Project Management $97,987 $93,170 VMware $91,162 $85,000 Citrix $90,591 $85,000 Networking (Other) $82,488 $80,000 Internet/Web Development $74,884 $73,332 IBM $92,835 $90,000 Novell $90,875 $88,208 Governance Read More
The Best IT Salaries By Function (5/19/2015) by Admin - If you're in IT, odds are you work in one of these five functional areas: IT security, help desk, system operations, systems engineering or network engineering. We've spilled the beans on the average salaries of these positions so you can size up your checks against the norm. Within each area we also are showing what the management hierarchy is making on average. Check these numbers out! Function Average IT Architecture $108,201 Business Technology $101,964 Cloud Computing $101,957 IT Security $101,539 Project/Program Management $99,489 Business Application Development $99,130 Enterprise Infrastructure Management $98,075 Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence $96,499 Management/Development $91,735 Systems Read More
The 4 Big Money Certifications No One Is Talking About (5/12/2015) by Admin - Launched in mid-2013, Amazon Web Service certifications have been new to the cloud training arena, but their average salaries have been on the rise, outshining many other common certifications such as CISSP, PMP, and CISA. Learn a bit more about these four high paying certs and see if adding one to your repertoire can add a couple commas to your salary. AWS Certified Developer - Associate Average Salary - $137,825 Prepare to get poached if you have this certification. With organizations in a rush to bring their development and content delivery to the cloud, they can't hire talent fast enough. Read More
6 Reasons Companies Are Dumping Millions Into IT (4/17/2015) by Admin - Being overworked and underpaid is not an unusual characteristic of an IT professional. According to several industry reports, the climate is taking a turn for the better. The 2015 IT market is beyond healthy and is expanding on all fronts. From database managers to cybersecurity teams, there is a strong demand now and into the future. Here are 6 reasons that the money will be steadily flowing into our industry this year. 1. A Good Admin Is Hard To Find Fulfilling the immense need for qualified IT personnel is the bane of many a recruiter's existence. The unemployment rate for Read More