Admin Task #5: Asset Identification and Vulnerability Scanning

Are you scanning all of your assets for vulnerabilities? Breaches happen when the bad guys find a back door or unpatched server that management forgot.

December 4, 2017

About This Challenge

One company we worked with was only scanning 66% of its assets for vulnerabilities before taking security training. IT professionals need to be vigilant to ensure that all assets are patched and accounted for. For today’s challenge, you will be using Nmap to scan for vulnerabilities and getting in the habit of routinely securing your networks.

Disclaimer: Ensure any activities undertaken on your work network are allowed by your corporate policy and approved by management at your organization.

Follow The Instructions To Complete Today’s Network Defender Task:

Feel free to download the PDF version of the directions for your review.

Download PDF

Download and install Nmap from to complete this task. It can easily be installed on Windows, Linux, and OS X installations.

Scan your network for assets, identify them, and ensure they are being patched and recorded. Make sure to perform these challenges with written management approval or on your own home network.

After scanning your network, perform the following tasks:

1. Confirm with the network team, and accounting, what ISPs provide service to you.

2. Confirm with each ISP/Service provider, what IP addresses are assigned to you.

3. Scan these with Nmap and confirm which IPs are active, and what services are available on them.

4. Confirm they are in compliance with expectation and firewall rules are appropriately protecting them.

For bonus points:

Walk through your facility and identify the wireless access points that are present and connected to your network.

Security isn’t a once-a-week job; it’s a daily responsibility.

Be vigilant. Patch. Know your network. Lockdown entry points.

Secure your stuff —no one else will. But the bad guys will be checking to see how good of a job you’ve done.

Once you’ve followed these directions, scroll down to mark this challenge complete.

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If your company will not allow you to perform the above task. Please read this security article and click the button above.

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